Friday, January 22, 2016

My 10 Favorite Fetishes: A Domme Confesses

I can almost hear My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music! Wouldn't that make for a wicked
Broadway show? People frequently ask me about my particular fetishes. There are plenty and they really do run the gamut! They tend to ebb and flow over months, sometimes even years, but I think this list covers the biggies. 

1. Sissy play - I love feminizing a man, especially forced feminization. I go wild for a man in panties and stockings, and enjoy teasing and taunting him as he is emasculated for me. Don't get me wrong- I adore cock, but when I have a sissy to play with, I'm happy to sacrifice and go without, or I could always move on to my second fetish...

2. Cuckolding - I've cuckolded with another submissive as well as with a vanilla play partner, and I don't think I have a particular preference. I enjoy being fawned over by horny men, especially if at the end of the night one of the is denied and left aroused. As much as I enjoy this fetish, I struggle with the concept of picking up a random man. In my experiences, my bull has been someone I have known well.

3. Chastity - Locking it up and throwing away the key! I have fantasies of keeping a submissive in chastity forever. No, it wouldn't be practical, but the idea gets me so wet. Even the largest cock looks so pathetic and shriveled in a chastity device. I love laughing, teasing and stroking the cage and sometimes even pushing it inside my pussy... so he can alllllllmost feel it!

4. Threesomes - Both with two submissive men and with a submissive man and submissive woman. These experiences are so intense... four hands and two tongues explore my body and keep me cumming over and over again. Super intimate, especially ordering them to play with each other (yes, even two men)... which leads to...

5. Bisexuality - Keep in mind, I would never force anyone to do something without having first discussed it with them and determined that it was not a hard limit. But damn, I love watching a man suck cock! Ladies, I'm pretty sure men are better at it than we are! Even better- when a submissive gets hard as he is sucking cock... OMG!

6. Creampies/cum eating - This fetish is delicious! Well, for me at least. I used to feel a little guilty when I made a subby eat his cum, but then I thought about all of the blowjobs I gave and all the cum I swallowed. It seems only fair. Sexy, and fair. I especially enjoy making the experience humiliating, like by making him cum on his pillow, lick it off, and then sleep on the dirty pillow.

7. Bondage/cage/helplessness - I consider these three all the same. The ultimate fantasy is that my submissive is under my complete control with no hope of release. He completely succumbs to my womanhood and my power, and receives only what I allow him. I control what he eats, drinks, bathroom privileges, everything!

8. Manservant/chauffeur/slave - Definitely more erotic than service-oriented. I'd love to have my floors vacuumed and my toilets brushed, but the real fantasy here is just having a slave at my beck and call. He literally does nothing else but serve me. When he is not in use, he assumes certain positions until I call upon him. Hard to enjoy this one in real life, but the fantasy really gets me going!

9. Strict protocols, contracts - Another one that is a wee bit challenging to implement... I would love to have a formal contract for my submissive that dictates my control over him. I would like for him to sign away his sexuality completely. I get off on the idea of intense and powerful protocols that he must obey (or suffer the consequences).

10. Puffy nipples - I have no idea why, but I love 'em!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Feeldoe and Strapon Fun

Yes, I wish I had a cock. I will readily admit that I have a raging case of penis envy. I love cocks-
they are such a symbol of power and authority and when I wear one, I feel such control!

I have an assortment of strap-ons in a range of sizes and colors, but as my long-time readers know, my favorite is my Feeldoe. I think it's because it stimulates me while I fuck, and of course the lack of a harness is a big hit. The only problem with the Feeldoe is that it requires strong vaginal muscles to wield it properly. In other words... go a few months without wearing it and you literally have to 'work out' in order to use it again. (Here's where the sexy part comes in...)

The best way to build those muscles is to wear the Feeldoe as much as possible. So yes, here I sit with my giant blue phallus, the bulb embedded in me and the cock extended between my legs. Sitting down is no problem, but as I walk around I have to really hold it tight with my body. This is both challenging and erotic. It really turns me on. Not only am I walking about my house with a cock, but I'm feeling my wetness around it inside me. 

So yes, I have a cock and it's making me hot as hell! I cannot wait to plunge it deep inside the tight hole of a willing sub. I want to have the power, to make him helpless for my cock and my touch. I want to cum and either choose to allow him the same release or (preferably) deny him and make him linger aroused until I decide he has earned an orgasm. My orgasm is guaranteed, as it should be. 

I'm just hoping that the Fedex man won't come by and see me walking around with a cock between my legs. Then again, maybe that would be a good thing!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Chastity Game: The Adventures of a Chaste Submissive and His Key Holder Wife

For the second time tonight, Alexis reached between her breasts and fumbled with the keys.
“I guess you are wondering if I’m going to let you out for the night,” she said.
“No. I assume you probably won’t. You really seem to be enjoyed this.”
“You’re right to both. No, I won’t let you out tonight and yes, I am enjoying this. Quite a lot, actually.”
Alexis turned and faced Bryan, who was also now naked except for his chastity device.
“Your cock looks so small inside it,” she said with a chuckle. “I mean, really small. I guess nothing could get you hard right now.” Smiling, Alexis reached down between her legs. She rubbed her mound gently, fingering the tiny, well-groomed hairs.
“I bet even watching me touch myself couldn’t get you to grow hard, locked away like that,” she purred, as she spread her thighs slightly. Still standing, she spread her labia gently and rubbed her index finger against the side of her clitoris.
Bryan moaned in pleasure and frustration as he watched his wife. She looked gorgeous touching herself. He felt eager to be beside her, to be the one touching her, but he was afraid of any additional stimulation. As it was, he felt intense pressure in his crotch from the device. He rocked back on his heels and then forward on his toes. He felt exposed and vulnerable, and somehow anxious in his stomach. Helpless, he could do nothing but watch as Alexis continued to rub.
“Oh, yes, it feels so good. I’m still nice and slick from my orgasm in the car,” she teased. “I bet you would love to be inside me. It’s too bad that you couldn’t keep your hands off that pathetic cock of yours. You could be making love to me right now, but instead you are locked safely away. But don’t worry, I’m going to make sure I cum extra tonight for both of us.” That was what Bryan was worried about.
Alexis continued to rub against her clitoris, and then reached deeper between her legs. She bent forward slightly to accommodate her extended reach, and appeared to be rubbing her pussy. It wasn’t until she turned her back to Bryan that he discovered the truth. Now facing away from him, he could see that her finger had plunged inside her asshole up to the knuckle. Lexi loved when Bryan toyed with her asshole, but he had never seen her touch herself there.
“Do you like what you see, baby? Like seeing my finger inside my tiny hole?” she asked, as she continued to move it gently, deeper.
“Oh yes!” Bryan moaned. “You look so freaking hot right now! I just want to touch you so bad!” Bryan was practically begging.
“Mmm… I know you must be eager.” Between moans, Alexis continued, “You will not be leaving your chastity device for a week, so the more you are aroused, the more difficult it will be.”
Alexis picked up her face, and bent over further. Now Bryan could clearly see both her filled asshole and her pussy. She was practically glistening with wetness.
“I want you to ache for my body, though I suspect you already are,” she said, becoming more breathless as she spoke. “Now come kneel behind me and lick my asshole and pussy and make me cum, bitch.”

Feeling aroused and eager?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Forced Feminization and a Confession

The first time I made a submissive wear panties, it was part of an exploration in humiliation. I knew it
would embarrass him to wear my feminine, silky panties instead of his manly underwear. It caused an instant erection, and aroused me as well. I loved the look of the feminine fabric against his masculine body, and it was the first step I took into forced feminization play. 

Since that first venture into this type of behavior, I have insisted that any submissive I interact with wear panties. I enjoy taking them shopping and holding the intricate, feminine panties up against their pants. It never fails to embarrass them and get them hard. It delights me as well. The truth is, I get aroused seeing men wearing women's clothing. Not just panties, either. Corsets, bras, lingerie, miniskirts. I find it all very exciting.

Now I have a confession to make... on occasion, I enjoy wearing men's underwear. Boxer briefs, specifically. Yes, they are warm and cozy, but part of the reason I love wearing them is that they make me feel a little manly. After wearing them for a day, I am eager to wear a strap-on or engage in other methods of female domination.

In my eyes, this helps reinforce roles in the relationship. When I force my submissive to wear panties (and a buttplug, or other insertable), yet I walk around in boxers, I am sexually free while he is feminized. Ultimately we are both aroused and happy, and that is what matters most! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sissy In The Making: The Intense Femdom BDSM Transition of a Man to a Sissy

For a time, Olivia massaged his lower legs, then his knees, and then his thighs. Tim could smell the floral scent of the lotion. Normally it enticed him, but tonight he was feeling a little sick to his stomach. What was she doing to him? Olivia began to massage his inner thighs, then closer towards his groin. His clitty bobbed around eagerly, and a gasp escaped his lips as she wrapped her slick fingers around him. She stroked up and down a few times and just as he was accepting her rhythm she withdrew and moved her hands to his balls. She gently massaged them as well.

“Mmm…” Tim said. “You can call me sissy all you want as long as you keep this up.”

Olivia was silent as she continued her erotic massage. She moved about, concentrating on his clitty, then his balls, then his inner thighs. After several minutes, she ventured down further, to his perineum and then she did it… she brushed against his hole.

“My gosh, what are you doing, umm… Ma’am?” Tim asked.

“Be quiet, sissy. I don’t want to hear another word from you.”

Olivia pressed gently against his hole, then rubbed his perineum for a few moments before returning to his most sacred area. Tim tried to relax and let her have her way, and as he did he felt her fingertip enter him. The feeling was totally foreign, but blissfully exciting. He moaned deeply as she pressed in further. Within seconds, her entire finger was buried in him.

“Do you like how this feels, sissy?” she asked, using his new name.

“Yes. Yes, Ma’am,” Tim replied, moaning and breathing hard.

“Good. I’m glad you enjoy having your pussy fingered.” Did she just say pussy fingered? It all seemed too much for Tim. In just a couple of days he had gone from being businessman to housewife and sissy.

Olivia began to withdraw her finger, only to plunge it in again. It felt abrupt, and Tim found himself wishing she would go deeper. Of course, he was far too ashamed to ask for such a thing. Still, it was almost as if Olivia read his mind. 

“I have your surprise now,” Olivia said proudly. She held aloft a small buttplug. It was thin and narrow, but about four inches long. It was clear that it would go much deeper than her finger.

“Hold your legs up in the air so I can fuck your tight pussy, baby,” Olivia purred. Tim immediately reached back behind his knees and lifted his legs. As he pulled his knees in to his chest, he pondered his situation. She asked him to expose his hole for something that looked all too much like a cock and he didn’t even think twice.

“Now, here comes to cock,” she teased. And with that, she plunged the plug deep into his hole. Tim gasped, both out of shock and extreme desire. It felt so good deep inside him. He felt aroused as he never had before. Tim began humping the air wildly, thrusting his hips around.

“Oh, I see my sissy likes it. Say it! Say, ‘I’m a sissy and I like it!’” she demanded.

“I like it,” Tim admitted.

“That’s not what I said,” she cried, smacking his exposed ass again. “Now say the whole thing. ‘I’m a sissy and I like it!’”

“I’m a sissy, and… and I like it,” he said, feeling his manhood disappearing. He felt worthless, like a sissy. He felt pathetic and used, and yet oddly so aroused.

“That’s right,” she said as her hand moved down to her pussy. “You are my sissy, and this is just the beginning.”

... The above excerpt is from my latest publication, "Sissy In The Making: The Intense Femdom BDSM Transition of a Man to a Sissy" 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top 10 Humiliating Ideas for Submissives

Humiliation is one of my biggest turn-ons. I get wet seeing a man forced to wear panties, or bending
over to expose his hole for my strap on. I fantasize about forcing a man to serve me and my friends naked as we are fully dressed, and I love the thought of making him do embarrassing things that will no doubt arouse him as we laugh.

I decided to share a list of my top 10 humiliating ideas for submissives. These are all things I have done before, and all things I will do again. Remember- D/s should always be consensual, so even when I talk about 'forcing' a submissive to do something, it is only after careful negotiation and discussion prior to play.

  • Making him suck my Feeldoe or strapon. This may be my favorite humiliating task. I love the pucker of a man's mouth as he prepares to take my cock in his lips. I wrap my hands around the back of his head and fuck his face, as he and I both moan in pleasure and delight. Of course, my words reinforce his submission, "I'm going to fuck your face like the bitch you are!"
  • Making him refer to his cock, chest, and asshole in feminine terms (clitty, tits, and pussy). Men are so devoted to their genitalia. I like stripping those nasty terms of cock, erection, hardness, etc away. It's much more humiliating to make them use sexy feminine terms.
  • Forcing him to wear panties. There are so many ways to have fun with this humiliating idea. I enjoy taking him shopping for panties, holding the pairs up against his crotch in the store, and giggling as I see him growing hard beneath his jeans. Sometimes it is fun to hand him a balled up pair of panties in a restaurant and demanding that he go put them on in the bathroom and return his 'manly' underwear to me. In general, the more feminine the panties, the better. Pink lace, flowers, and even ruffles make my laugh and get me wet.
  • Ordering him to bend over and expose his hole to me. This act is so degrading, and yet arouses us both. I like seeing his hole, inspecting it for errant hairs, and having it available to stick my fingers, butt plug, dildos, or even household objects into. This pose is wonderful for putting him back in his place.
  • Fingering his pussy and playing with his prostate can be humiliating as well. Of course, the physical pleasure is exciting, but I make sure it comes with a hefty dose of humiliation. Over and over I talk about fingering his pussy, stroking his clitty, making him wet for me like the gurl that he is. I get him so excited that he humps my hand, and then I tease him for that as well. 
Those are five... five more to come with my next post!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In My Wildest Dreams

As I have shared in many a post, I have a lot of sexual fantasies. Over the years I have built quite a repertoire of hot, erotic stories in My mind, and have recently begun putting them down on paper. It excites Me to think about other people getting aroused to My own personal desires.

Yesterday I published my first piece of erotica! It is a fantasy I have about a woman seducing a young stud and transforming him into a submissive. It's not a full length book- more like a long chapter- but if it is well received I will publish more, longer pieces. 

And just for you, my sweet readers, a delightful excerpt:

“I want to see your tongue, sweet bitch boy. I don’t know if you lick those teeny bopper pussies, but you are sure going to lick this one. Now stick out your tongue and wag it around like the bitch that you are!” I’m speaking forcefully now, my voice raised and my demands insistent.

With that, I drop my pussy against his eager tongue and allow him the sweet pleasure of my goodness. He laps frantically, like a man dying of thirst. Over and over his tongue dances on my clit, my labia, against my entrance. There is no precision, his movements are almost spasmodic, still the sensation feels delightful. I can feel myself getting wet, a combination of my internal lubrication and his saliva. I order him to stick his tongue out as far as he can and keep it still. I begin grinding my hips forward and back, dragging my body against his tongue so that it rakes gently from clit, between my folds, and all the way to my asshole before making the return journey. Over and over I continue this delightful exercise, until I feel the beginnings of my first orgasm overtaking my body. Leaning back against him, I push my pussy tight up against his face. His chin is nearly entering me, and I feel his tongue slightly brushing against my clit with each push. I cum this way, screaming and moaning almost animalistically in the throes of passion.

The tingles from the orgasm continue to dance through my body as I climb off the bed. I’m definitely not done with my victim yet. In fact, playtime is just beginning. I go to my adult toy chest and retrieve several items. With my hands, I gently push his legs apart, and curl up between them. 

Turned on? It's just 99 cents on for the entire steamy story. Click here and prepare to cum hard!

Let me know what you think!