Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little CBT Fun

Last night I decided to have some CBT fun. It had been a while since I had been able to tease and torture j's cock and balls. I had told j to stroke his cock several times during the day at work, but not have an orgasm. I knew that this would greatly heighten his desire and sensitivity.

When we got in bed, I began kissing him, rubbing my body up against him. Within moments he was hard, and I smacked his balls with some force. he jumped, but then went back to moaning as I stroked his cock a bit. I alternated between smacking his balls and stroking him, and then went to our toy cabinet and retrieved a handful of clothespins, his cock ring and my rubber whip. I had him put his cock ring on (which was quite a feat, considering his cock and balls were already quite engorged.

Once his cock ring was on, I swatted his cock, balls and thighs several times with the rubber whip. The whip looks quite menacing, but produces a mild to moderate sting. That sensation, though, is most definitely heightened on his swollen and sensitive cock and balls! he squirmed about on the bed, moaning from the sensations I was giving him.

Again I stroked his cock and rubbed his balls. his cock felt harder than ever before. I told him that I wanted to allow him some pleasure as a reward for his hard work lately, but that I needed to give him some more pain first. I took the clothespins and put them on his scrotum. After I put them on, I wiggled them around a bit, pulling them and moving them about. I swatted him several more times with the rubber whip, and then began to stroke his cock. he was desperate for an orgasm, and I graciously allowed him one. his cum shot all over my hand and his stomach.

While I enjoy extended periods of orgasmic denial for j from time to time, I also like giving him orgasms. I like having the complete control of his body- making him earn the orgasm by pleasing me. When he finally earns it, I make sure he enjoys it, but only on my terms!


  1. way to go. I just got done with my 3:00pm twenty minute thing. Yesterday I didn't do it because of extenuating circumstances and later that night I acted selfishly. I think the two are connected. Anyway, I am now told not to expect permission to release at least until Sunday and still need to maintain the pattern of pleasure-no-release every day. She was really angry and I think some other punishment may be in the cards. She was really mad.

    BTW, the taking him to the point of release and alternating pain is a page right out of the initial breaking period of the chief character in the Erskan Trilogy, which I am in the process of reading. They have him chained and first stroke him to the point of beging for release and then run fingernails down his back hard and then alternate between the two. After a few times of that, they leave him w/o release for the night.

  2. It is unfortunate that you gave in to your desires rather than follow the command of your wife. I would imagine that punishment may be in order for you!

    I had not heard of the Erskan Trilogy- though upon looking at it on Amazon it does seem like good reading, esp. for the submissive male. Enjoy!

  3. It is also called a "spoiled orgasm" when done by a dominant partner. It is often used to further tease the submissive: give him an orgasm, but not allow him to enjoy it to the extent possible.

  4. Sorry,

    I meant to add this comment to the prior post.

  5. I love this! My gf used to tease me with one finger on my cock for 30 minutes and then squeese my balls and whisper "no boy" in my ear. I once came in her hand but ruined it and she made me suffer so much!. At the end she grabed my balls and whispered "I love owning your balls" . I really want her to kiss me and torture my balls at the same time tho